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It’s really quite simple
It’s not hard at all
We’ll make you a card
No need to shop at the mall   


Everything you need to create a personalized greeting card can be done from this IambicChick.com website

You’ve already come to the site
Your next move is to pick
The type of card for family or friend
Just move your mouse and then click 


In only 5 simple steps, you'll have a card that contains a personalized poem, with original artwork, sent to anyone in the world. 

Click on the circle
Corresponding to the type card you want sent
It could be a birthday, an anniversary
Or even for Lent   


The first step is to select the category of card that you wish to send. There are several categories from which to choose, and if you don't find what you are looking, simply email with your special request.

Then click on the style
You’ll see the graphics on the page
Designed by our artists
That will soon be the rage    


Once you have chosen the category, you will be shown the selections for card front artwork. All the artwork is original to IambicChick.com. Click on the graphic to enlarge it, and once you have decided, simply select the graphic of your choice. 

Next, you’ll find questions
That will give us a clue
Of the contents for a poem
Written uniquely for you 


Additionally, a set of questions will be displayed. These questions pertain to the category that you have chosen, and you can answer the minimum number of questions (about 4 or 5 questions), or answer them all.

O.K. we've written it
Now where should it go
We can send it to you
Or another address you know 


The next step is to tell us where you would like the card sent. It can go to the recipient, or you can have it sent to you. We will also sign it for you, with the salutation you supply to us.

And last but not least
You’ll find prompts on the site
On how to pay for the greetings
That will bring loved ones delight 


IambicChick.com uses secure servers for all of our credit card transactions. Your information is protected and we will never sell, trade or supply your information to anyone. For more information, please see our Privacy Statement

When all’s said and done
We’ll e-mail you the poem
That we’ve sent by hard copy
To your loved one’s own home


The IambicChick.com creative department will create, print and mail your card to your loved one within 5 business days of your completed order. You will receive a confirmation email when it has been mailed and we will include the poem that we wrote.

Last modified: 14-Aug-18

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