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  About IambicChick.com

At IambicChick.com, we believe that one of life’s greatest pleasures
is the ability to do what you love and to bring others joy through
that process.

Deb Solyan, the vision and talent behind IambicChick.com, started
putting together rhymes to entertain her friends while still in
elementary school. Soon, everyone in her sphere of aquaintances
came to expect a quirky and personalized little poem presented
inside a blank card for every special occasion and many also
enjoyed the surprise of recieving one of these little treasures
“just because.”

One day, a friend asked Deb if she’d be willing to put together a
poem to insert into a birthday card for her father and offered to
pay for the effort. Soon, others were also ordering cards for their
loved ones. This is when Deb realized that the joy of receiving a
personalized, entertaining poem on a special occasion should not
be limited to just those who know her personally. And so,
IambicChick.com was born.

We hope that purchasing a personalized greeting card from
IambicChick.com brings as much pleasure to you and the person
you’ve chosen to honor with a poem written just for them as it brings
Deb and IambicChick.com to produce it for you!